For Farmers

If you are a farmer or landowner in the Big Creek Lake watershed you may be eligible for higher cost share rates to install conservation practices.  To find out if you are eligible please contact the watershed project coordinators Sean McCoy or  John Swanson.   The following information provides general information about the available cost share rates.  For examples of the practices see the photo gallery below.

  • Grassed Waterways – 90% cost share
  • Sediment Basins (aka Ponds) – 75% cost share
  • Grade Stabilization Structures – 75% cost share
  • Pasture or Hayland Management – 75-90% cost share
  • Streambank Stabilization – 75% cost share
  • Terraces – 75% cost share
  • Manure Settling Basins – 75% cost share
  • CRP incentive – one time $100-200/acre signup incentive
  • Low interest loans for conservation practices.
  • And more.

Click here for contact information.